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Why Busy Bee?

Sometimes we get asked why choose Busy Bee over the rest?

The answer is pretty simple but sounds a little cliche. We offer more for less!
  • We are a small team. Corporate attitude and fitness don’t mesh very well. Sure, there can be a financial windfall for some of these businesses but the client never wins in the end. When your hour is up with them, it’s up. Do they provide you with anything outside of your sessions? Nutrition, motivation and your mental well-being is just as, if not more important than the training itself. We know you can’t be successful in one without the other so that’s why we have you covered with our holistic system of training.
  • We are more affordable. We offer some of the best rates in the industry with more services and work closely with our clients.
  • We use evidence based facts. We won’t upsell you any ridiculous products, in face we won’t sell you any products or quick fixes!
  • You get to work one on one with a registered Nutritionist with our packages.
  • We offer a wide variety of training from in-home boxing to weight training and boot camp workouts.
  • You can add a partner to your workout for only $20 a session. A great inexpensive way to split the costs.
When I created Busy Bee Fitness Experts, I wanted it to be about more than fitness. I wanted to tie fitness in as an element of helping people actualize their full potential. We realize that everyone is unique and that an individual customized approach is the only thing that will help you truly see results. We want to help you have the confidence to lead the life you always wanted to live.
We make it easy and convenient for anyone looking to make a change. Get your free consultation today and let’s get started!

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