online virtual personal training Toronto

Virtual Personal Training Toronto

Virtual personal training Toronto

The many advantages of virtual personal training Toronto with Busy Bee Fitness Experts include:

  • Our plans work! Yes, we know you’ll hear this from every personal training company but our knowledge on nutrition and training is designed through a great deal of trial and error over the course of seventeen years in the industry. Instead of comforming to conventional methods of nutrition and exercise, we have a unique program that not only gets you results to lose weight efficiently but also for healing gut health. We believe your digestive health is at the root of so many health conditions, including obesity, autoimmune disease like diabetes and MS, cardiovascular disease and so many digestive disorders with our modern diets and lifestyles. Our methods to training and nutrition are also designed to last, without the yo-yo’ing people generally experience on other programs.
  • $65 set cost per session with no penalties or extra fees.
  • As many family members can join your sessions at no extra cost.
  • All of our personal training packages include working with our Registered Nutritionist and a customized meal guidance plan.
  • We work around your schedule and make training and meal prepping as convenient as possible for you and your family.
  • You’re provided with home workouts to follow outside of your sessions.
  • We provide you with motivational coaching to assist with staying on track and forming lasting positive new habits.

virtual personal training Toronto

Personal Training Made Easy

Virtual personal training does come with some drawbacks compared to in-home personal training but many of our clients prefer it due to it’s advantage of conveniece and cost. All you have to do is sign in with the click of a button and start the workout in the convenience of your home. It’s really that simple and you still get the one-on-one advantage and ability to have a partner join in at any point at no extra cost to you. You can also mix and match between virtual personal training and doing in-home with the trainer. No equipment is required on your end. We make the best use of whatever space you have and are able to incorporate a wide variety of exercises. We also have experience with many different modalities of training. This includes prenatal and postnatal personal training, weight loss, group workouts, autoimmune conditions like MS and diabetes, back pain and various other types of injuries.

For more information on virtual personal training Toronto with Busy Bee Fitness Experts, please contact us directly. Start with a complimentary consultation and our two session sale for only $90. We wish you all the best for health and happiness in the New Year.

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