Virtual Personal Trainer Toronto

New limited offer flat fee of only $65 per session for virtual personal training. Family can join in at no extra cost!

Two Session Sale

45 per Session
  • Includes free consultation!

Virtual Personal Trainer Toronto. Anytime. Anywhere.

What Makes Us Different?

Looking for a safe, effective, and risk-free way to workout during this challenging time? Get fit with an expert virtual personal trainer during the COVID-19 pandemic, anytime, anywhere. There are many advantages of training online with the Busy Bee Fitness Experts. We'll work with you every step of the way with customized strength, nutrition, and recovery programs. All from the comfort of your home! Learn how we provide the best virtual personal trainer experience in Toronto.

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Meet Our Team of Experts

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality trainers and programs to meet your specific fitness goals and health requirements. Our team specializes in a variety of fields, including weight loss and toning, prenatal and postnatal, corporate group training, nutrition counseling, and more. The Busy Bee Fitness Experts offer a holistic, ground-up approach to ensure you get results both during and outside of your workouts. Our customized fitness programs are built for everyone, every step of the way.

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$65 Flat Fee on Virtual Personal Training

Are you struggling to stay in shape during the pandemic? Get in touch with the experts for a virtual personal trainer. Our Toronto based personal trainers will assist you in getting in great shape with the click of a button. Best of all, you can now get a virtual personal trainer for the same great price, no matter how many sessions you buy. Do pay as you go or try our virtual personal training package. Take advantage of this limited-time offer by gathering your family and friends for our fun, safe, and effective workouts online. Contact us today and get started with a complimentary assessment and mini-workout. Please contact us for virtual corporate group fitness rates.

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