• Our certified experienced trainers specialize in several fields of training.

  • Packages include customized meal plans.

  • Male and female personal trainers available.

  • Boot camp sessions max out at $100 no matter how many people participate.

  • Detailed workouts provided for your own time.

  • Motivational coaching and proper habit forming techniques.

  • No long-term contracts, penalties or hidden fees.

  • Certified Toronto personal trainer specialists available 7 days a week.

  • Add a partner to your workout for only $20!

  • Virtual personal training $65 flat fee

Two Session Sale

$45 per session
  • First session is a free assessment and mini workout

Virtual 10 Package

$65 per Session
  • Nutritionist meal plan
  • Self Workouts Also Provided

10 Sessions

$75 per Session
  • Nutritionist meal plan
  • Self Workouts Also Provided

20 Sessions

$70 per Session
  • Nutritionist meal plan
  • Self Workouts Also Provided

40+ Sessions

$65 per Session
  • Nutritionist meal plan
  • Self Workouts Also Provided
  • Payment plans are available for all of our packages. Please contact us for details regarding payment.  Busy Bee Fitness Experts, Toronto Personal Trainer powered by Square. All methods of payment are accepted.

    Busy Bee for the Busy Lifestyle!

    Are you feeling low on energy? Does your work schedule or busy lifestyle negatively affect you? How many times a week are you compromising your diet or exercise regimen? How often do you grab some fast food, go home and tell yourself that there is always tomorrow?  The facts are that your daily work schedule will also mold your habits both in and out of the office. These negative habits will produce several symptomatic lifestyle problems including: lack of energy, poor eating habits, poor mental concentration, lack of proper exercise and obesity and the diseases and injuries that go along with them. A Busy Bee Toronto personal trainer will help you get on the right track with a fitness and nutrition routine that you can easily fit into your schedule.

    With a Busy Bee Toronto personal trainer we offer:

    • Healthy and convenient meals + eating tips that revolve around your busy schedule.
    • Motivational techniques- We have personal life coaches that can help you maintain a disciplined routine. We also help eliminate poor lifestyle choices.
    • Provide you with efficient at home exercises that you can maintain on your own in your off time. 

    Join the Busy Bee community!

    Follow us on our social media pages and the Buzz Blog, where you can also get free exercise tips and home workouts. You can now add a partner to your workout for only $20. Private and corporate group fitness classes max out at $100 per session. Contact us today to get started!

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