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Seniors Personal Trainer Toronto

While we recommend fitness for any age, it’s crucial for seniors to maintain a certain level of physical activity, particularly with strength training and functional mobility. It’s importance is linked to postural and cardiovascular health, maintaining musculature and bone density, mental health, functionality, and greater health and stability for daily living. Our personal trainers work to address many of the physical declines that occur with aging (loss of coordination, balance, strength, and endurance) that lead to a lower quality of life and less overall independence.

What Personal Training For Seniors Entails

Personal training for seniors is pretty much the same as it is for any age group with a few simple caveats in place. Obviously, if you’re new to fitness, we would ease you into the workouts just as we would for any age group. However, a Busy Bee Fitness Experts seniors personal trainer Toronto would devise a plan geared a little more towards functionality and safety for optimal everyday living. As we age, it gets just a little more difficult to do groceries, go for long walks, lift heavy objects and our energy becomes depleted. Our seniors packages works to address this through different modalities of strength and flexibility training. With each hour-long session, most of that time will be dedicated towards strength training with some flexibility and cardiovascular training mixed in to ensure the best results.

Motivational coaching also comes part-and-parcel with our personal training. Many people find that working out in-home is great motivation on its own and working out in the comfort of your home. There are several methods you can choose from, whether it be virtual, outdoors, in-home or even at an office location. You choose and partners can also be added to your workouts for a minimal extra cost or at no extra cost at all with virtual personal training. What’s unique to our training is our holistic approach. We look at all aspects of your training and what you’re doing outside of your sessions. Our personal trainers also offer around the clock support.

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How to Get Started

Busy Bee Fitness Experts personal trainers do their best to customize and tailor your workouts as much as possible to your individual needs. To start, we offer an in-person or virtual personal training consultation and assessment prior to your first workout. This gives you the ability to meet your trainer beforehand to ensure that they’re a good fit. Also, this gives the trainer the opportunity to assess your current fitness level, goals and to discuss our training with you.

From there, we currently have a sale on where you can try 2 sessions with a seniors personal trainer Toronto for only $90+HST. Again, this introductory package gives you the opportunity to try us out and for us to really customize the appropriate plan for you moving forward. We strive to make personal training as efficient, cost effective, safe, and comfortable as possible for you. Contact the Busy Bee Fitness Experts to get set up with your complimentary consultation and to book the two-session sale.

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