Prenatal exercises Toronto.

Prenatal exercises

Strength training is the best way to ensure you’ll stay slim and fit pre and postnatal. Here are just a few great prenatal exercises you can do from anywhere with just a few minutes of spare time each day. Depending on your fitness level, for beginners try 1 or 2 sets of each, for more advanced levels try 3 or 4 sets of each until failure.

The Bird Dog

This exercise can help ease back pain and improve balance by strengthening your abs, back, and butt muscles. Kneel in a quadruped position (on all fours) hands under your shoulders, knees under your hips. Inhale, then exhale as you lift your right arm toward the wall in front of you and lift your left leg straight back, foot flexed.. Tighten your abs and squeeze your glutes. Breathe normally as you hold for 5 seconds and then inhale and exhale as you switch sides.

prenatal exercises
Supported V-Sit Roll Back

Keep your core strong with this easy move.  Sit up tall on the floor with your knees bent and your hands holding the back of your thighs. Inhale, then exhale as you slowly roll back to a V position until you feel your abs engage. Keep your chest open, pause for one second, and then slowly roll up.
prenatal exercises Toronto.
Ball Squats

Place the ball up against the wall and the ball should sit on your lower back. This will help you keep correct posture. Feet slightly wider than shoulder width with your toes pointing slightly outward. The lower you bring the squat the more it will activate your hamstring and glute muscles.

prenatal exercise Toronto.


There are many different variations of planks. If your baby bump is a bit too big then you can try going for a reverse plank sitting on a mat and reclining. If not, then give this a try as it’s a great overall core exercise. Resting on your forearms and toes, keep your posture in a straight line and flex your abdominal muscles. Hold this exercise until failure.

prenatal exercises Toronto.


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