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Seniors Personal Training

Getting older isn’t a cake walk. The older you get, the harder you have to work to maintain your health and fitness level. As we age, we also begin to realize that what we do with our time should be more meaningful – that we have to add more purpose to our lives to offset the hard times that no doubt will come our way. To some people, the ideal retirement life is to sip margaritas on the beach all day in Hawaii. That does sound pretty great, doesn’t it? In all seriousness though, how long can you maintain that lifestyle for? You’d gain a lot of fat, become lazy, and useless to everyone, including yourself! This is the time to get to work – on yourself, on the betterment of your family, friends, and the world. Now is the time to be productive for yourself!

How Does Strength Training Help Seniors

If I need to say it again then let’s put it this way. If you’ve been working the nine to five life for 40 years then guess what – now is the time to get to work FOR YOU!  Part of that includes everything that is meaningful around you. And of course, yes, that’s right – part of the work you have to put into leading a healthy and happy life is to put in the physical exercise required for someone of your age. Fitness is a lifelong process, we can’t take our foot off of the gas pedal for long without suffering consequences. Strength training is particularly important for seniors. So, we all know the benefits of exercise but how does everyone and especially seniors benefit from strength training? Well, apart from the obvious (being stronger), add to the list increasing bone density, a higher metabolism that will help you burn fat more easily, cardiovascular health, lowering depression – it’s even been linked with reducing dementia and Alzheimers. Perhaps most importantly, it will help you maintain your posture and prevent serious injuries and potentially devastating falls. According to the government of Canada study on seniors injury, about 20-30% of seniors have a serious fall that can have an impact on their quality of life.

The Busy Bee Fitness Experts have been trained thoroughly in personal training seniors and how to properly incorporate a fitness plan at any age. We provide our own unique holistic approach to fitness and diet that provides efficient results for everyone. Our aim in training seniors is for a good combination of cardiorespiratory strength and flexibility training. We also include light yoga and mindfulness training to help you reduce your stress level. Best of all, we come to your home to make it as easy for you as possible without the added expenses of signing up for a gym.

Give us a try, get 2 in-home personal training sessions for only $90! Click The Buzz Blog for more fitness tips for seniors personal training. View our trainers HERE and subscribe to our Youtube channel, Facebook, and Instagram for special promos.

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