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Outdoor personal training in Toronto

Outdoor personal training is available with the Busy Bee Fitness Experts throughout Toronto.

Covid19 has brought about many challenges for personal training, especially in our city of Toronto. Modern condo buildings are providing us with excellent gyms and we’ve become very reliant on our condo gyms for our workouts. However, as our city slowly reopens and the nicer weather is here, we have a variety of options available to us. While condo gyms currently remain closed, our clients can continue with several options. Take advantage of outdoor personal training, virtual training online, and one-on-one personal training. We ensure that all options adhere to social distancing requirements to keep everyone safe.

Advantages of Outdoor Personal Training

Outdoor personal training is a great alternative to working out in a standard gym. Many clients feel more motivated when training outdoors and not having to deal with the frustration of sharing equipment in an enclosed space with others. Small group fitness training conducted in a safe manner is also a fun social way to exercise and stay motivated. Our team of expert personal trainers bring lightweight mobile fitness equipment with them to the sessions. Strict rules are put in place to sanitize our gear between each client and before the start of each session. We also adhere to a six-foot distance as recommended by city officials. Masks are also used when required.

In-Home Personal Trainer outdoor personal training

Nutrition planning is all conducted online with our registered Nutritionist, Julie Mancuso. She will discuss a three-day food log with you and how to optimize your nutrition with your personal training program. We do our best to make our nutrition and personal training services as accessible as possible for everyone. They are customized specific to each client, whether they require pre or postnatal personal training, are diabetic, have dietary restrictions, or other conditions that may affect them.

We hope that you all remain safe during this challenging time. Please reach out to us with your questions and for more information on how the Busy Bee Fitness Experts can assist you with your fitness goals.

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