MS Fitness Toronto.

MS Fitness Toronto

MS Fitness Toronto

Busy Bee Fitness Experts are a team of mobile personal trainers in Toronto, some of them that specialize in fitness training for MS. We know that it can be expensive to receive the support you need. That’s why we offer a sliding scale for payment depending on your financial needs. We also do our best to offer as much support as possible to our clients both during and outside of your sessions.

It’s been proven that exercise can help manage symptoms for those that battle with multiple sclerosis and most diseases. It’s important for a personal trainer or physical therapist to evaluate your fitness level and determine a suitable exercise program for you.  A good customized balance of cardio, strength training and stretching is required.  Of course, as is the case for everyone, many people with MS have a wide range of fitness levels and mobility. Even those with very limited mobility can see improvements through stretching and mindfulness. We provide our clients with a balance of physical and mental exercises for the best results.

According to some experts, exercise may even be the best way to prevent the progression or help alleviate many symptoms. “If you have MS, exercise is just as important as any disease modying drug” according to Karen Blitz-Shabbir, the director of the Multiple Sclerosis Centre at the North Shore Cushing Institute in New York.

A study published by researchers at the University of Utah in 1996 was the first to demonstrate the benefits of exercise for people with MS. Those patients who participated in an aerobic exercise program benefited from the following:

  • Better cardiovascular fitness.
  • Improved strength and flexibility.
  • Improved bladder and bowel function.
  • Less fatigue and depression.
  • A more positive attitude which also increases confidence.
  • Increased participation in social activities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns. We are happy to provide our customers or newcomers with exercises they can start with our their own time.  It can be difficult and scary getting into fitness, we will work with you to ease into your program. We want our clients to feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

If you’re just interested in just Nutrition for MS then please get in touch with our registered Nutritionist, Jesse White. You can view meal plan options or visit Natasha’s website at to book a consultation.

Busy Bee Fitness Experts, MS Fitness Toronto. View our team of personal trainers.  Reach us at  647 403 5222.

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