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Having an established meal plan is essential for anyone looking to achieve their weight management goals. Busy Bee Fitness Experts registered Nutritionist, Jesse, makes it easy for you. Following and staying committed to a strict meal plan isn’t realistic for most people in the long-term. Our formula keeps it simple, helps you ease into living a healthy lifestyle and caters to those with even the busiest lifestyles. We also break our nutrition plans down to your food preferences and food restrictions based on your health concerns. Best of all, we offer full support. We are always available to answer your questions and offer the type of support needed to help break negative lifestyle choices and habits. For your convenience, this service can be added or canceled at any time without any additional charges.

Also, did we mention that you get to work one-on-one with Jesse as part of our personal training packages – absolutely free!

What’s included with the meal plan:

    • Each month you receive a new meal plan with healthy simple recipes, a grocery list, meal guidelines based on your goals and restrictions, and a blank meal planner so you can customize your week.
    • For all menu items that include a meat/ fish option, you will also be provided with a vegetarian substitute.
    • Meal plans are mostly gluten-free, and for any gluten-containing option, you will be provided a gluten-free alternative upon request.

Meal plans Toronto.


Plus phone consultation:

  • Includes a 20-minute phone consultation with our Registered Nutritionist, Jesse White. She will be available to discuss your personal nutrition experience, health concerns and offer you tips to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. Please remember that these meal plans can be switched starting with any new month.

If you’re looking for a meal plan specifically for a health-related concern, then please let us know in advance. We create holistic meal plans for diabetics, people with auto-immune diseases, GERD and other problems with acid reflux, injury rehabilitation, and several other areas.  Meal plans Toronto has you covered no matter what your goals or health concerns.

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