Meal plans Toronto.

Meal plan included!

Personal training packages now include a meal plan by a certified Nutritionist!

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or train for any specific goal, we all know that nutrition is just as important to training as the training itself! That’s why we are very excited to be partnering up with certified Nutritionist Jesse White. Starting today, all of our personal training packages of 10 or more sessions include a customized meal plan by Jesse!

You can also try our subscription based meal plan service in Toronto. Visit our meal plans menu on our home page to view our options for our basic plan or our premium plan which includes a free phone consultation with Jesse. Click HERE to view.

Jesse can help you overcome food addictions, incorporate proper habit forming techniques and a diet that matches your specific goals and training.

Jesse White is a certified Nutritionist (CNP). She is passionate about helping people live happier, healthier lives. She runs a multi-faceted health and nutrition business in Toronto offering customized nutrition plans, private cooking classes, corporate wellness programs and community workshops. Jesse takes her food-focused approach to educate and inspire complete health and wellness. She is excited to be partnering with Busy Bee Fitness Experts to provide healthy meal plans that help clients achieve their health and fitness goals! Visit the following website today for more information, resources and health tips.

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