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Garbage Day for Life

Reduce Your Trash Tolerance

Self-improvement starts with quality control of your life. If you want to lead a higher quality of life then you need to eliminate the trash. If we dig deep enough, I’m sure most of us could create a laundry list of things we would be better off without, from having too much crap in your house, toxic relationships, unhealthy foods, bad habits, too much technology, your ex-partners pink badminton set collecting dust under your basement stairs that you forgot to return out of spite… and the list goes on.

Try looking at your life as a business with different departments: Quality Control, Finance, Human Resources (cringe), Production and Leisure. Alright, I’m sure a leisure department exists somewhere! All of these departments have to work together like a well-oiled machine of producing you at the best version of yourself.

Maybe Oscar the grouch was always grouchy because he lived in a frikken trash can! You see what you aim at. If you’re always aiming at things below you then you’ll never get what you want in life. Lower your trash tolerance and raise the bar for how you treat yourself, your relationships, what you spend your time on, what kind of food you put in your body. Practice this and eventually, you’ll have gold standards for how you treat yourself and that which you surround yourself with.

Trash tolerance means coming to a compromising balance in your life. Instead of taking yourself out to the landfill, it’s best to take baby steps to lower your life trash. Try tweaking a couple of things this month and see how it goes.

Put Your Selfie Stick to Rest

Trust me, no one leads a perfect life. Social media is mask of projection of what people wish for you to see of their lives. We want to fit in. Fitting in is fine in some ways, we all want to be loved. However, we are getting to a point where our approval ratings have become an obsession. Instead, we need to get to the root of the problem and address our insecurities in a healthy way. Ask yourself why you do the things you do. Do you do them because they add value to your life or do you do them because that’s how they are done. If your answer is the latter of the two then you’re not in charge of your own actions and how do you take responsibility for yourself if you’re not in charge of yourself?

Fuel Yourself With Premium Gas

You are what you eat. If you eat like crap, you’ll feel like crap. The implications of what you eat go far beyond just that, your diet is also a prime example of your discipline. People often say that you have to live in the present to be happy but I think that’s a partial truth. Living in the present often doesn’t equal living for a better future and instant gratification often starts by what you eat. In order to get that instant gratification, we sacrifice our future selves.

If you love chocolate, does going cold turkey off chocolate solve the problem? Very rarely. Instead, reducing your chocolate intake or finding an alternative would be a much easier game plan to stick to. Instead of reaching for the bag of Easter egg chocolates this week, try a lesser of two evils. Maybe see if you can get away with a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. If you’re willing to reach a bit further, then maybe try eating some of your favorite fruit as a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

Take one small step to improve your life every day. Even if it’s just by 0.00000000001 percent, it adds up over time!

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