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The Importance of Being a Fit Momma

The Importance of Being a Fit Momma

Winter is coming and if you believe the weatherman, it’s apparently supposed to be a long one this year! The Busy Bee Fitness Experts work with a lot of busy moms so we thought we’d share some tips to help keep moms or prenatal moms-to-be motivated. We all sigh at the daunting idea of New Year’s resolutions. We tend to place a lot of pressure on ourselves to be better. Being fit is a permanent lifestyle, not a diversion, but maybe the turn of a new year is what you need to hit the reset button. There are so many benefits for your health and also for your family.

Why It’s Good to be a Fit Momma

1.Being a good example– Monkey see, monkey do! We all love Netflix chilling after a hard day at work, but you can have the best of both worlds! If your children only see you in front of the tv, there’s a good chance it will have some kind of influence on their lifestyle growing up. There are so many fun physical activities you can do with your children and it’s a positive time for bonding. Try a mommy and me boot camp or have kids join in on your couples workouts.

2. Improves your sleep This is a good tie into the previous benefit. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, so much as you enjoy it and don’t place too much pressure on yourself. If you want to bring your kids along, even better! It sure will tire them out for bedtime a lot quicker than sitting in front of an Ipad. However, exercise can also be a great way to get some much needed alone time for any busy mom or dad. Sometimes nothing beats breaking out the old iPod and running on a crisp Fall day to your favorite tunes.

3. More energy to get things done- Does working out come last on your priority list? Of course, you have a hundred loads of laundry, Paw Patrol toys littered all over your house, dirty dishes and meals to cook, so how can it be a priority? What came first, the chicken or the egg? If you had more energy by keeping up with a fitness routine then it could make your life much easier to complete all these chores. And, of course, that’s where in-home personal training is a good option in that you’ll save time to do other things.

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If you have an extra minute then check out our amazing team of personal trainers, now including personal trainer MS Toronto. Having a personal trainer come to you is a super convenient way to hold yourself accountable to a routine and also to train safely and effectively based on your goals. As an added benefit, you get to avoid the trek to the gym in -30c snowy madness!

Enjoy our articles? Read our next one on the benefits of getting semi-private personal training. Having a partner join you is a great motivating way to stay committed to an exercise program.

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