home personal trainer Toronto

Home Personal Trainer Toronto

Busy Bee Fitness Experts offer Toronto’s most premium in-home personal trainer experience. Our trainers are experienced in their fields with a diverse range of specialties and educational backgrounds in Fitness Promotion and Kinesiology. Areas of specialty include weight loss, toning, strength, prenatal and postnatal exercise, injury rehabilitation, flexibility, customized personal training programs for type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis and more. Our experts start with a general fitness assessment to gain an understanding of your goals and background. From there, we work with our clients to create a comprehensive plan to efficiently help them achieve sustainable long-term results.

home personal trainer Toronto

Advantages of working with Busy Bee Fitness Experts home personal trainer Toronto:

  • More support – our personal trainers don’t stop when the workout and hour is up. We provide you with workouts to do on your own time and follow up on nutrition planning where you can contact us for continuous support.
  • Customized nutrition planning is provided with our experienced registered Nutritionist, Julie Mancuso.
  • Receive your own customized guidelines to follow outside of your workouts to optimize your goals. Our home workouts are efficient and effective.
  • Affordable personal training packages without any long-term contracts, penalties, or memberships.
  • Stay motivated and maintain a sustainable routine while also exercising in the comfort of your home. In-home personal training with us is hassle-free!
  • Add a partner to a workout for only $20 extra per session. Group fitness rates max at $100 per session and you’re allowed as many people as desired up to 20. Choose between different types of training, whether it be boot camp, mindfulness, interval training or yoga.
  • Online training is available for all of our clients. Online personal training is particularly helpful for those with newborns, seniors or if happen to be on lockdown during a pandemic!

General advantages of personal training:

  • Proven to more efficiently get results and achieving your long-term goals.
  • Weight management (fat loss, muscle tone, muscle gain, and increased metabolism to reduce the likelihood of weight returning.
  • Learn how to workout safely and effectively.
  • Improve musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health.
  • Increase overall strength, energy, and flexibility.
  • Learn how to optimize your nutrition and performance in one comprehensive holistic plan.

Contact the Busy Bee Fitness Experts directly to get started with an initial consultation. As an added bonus,  for a limited time, you can try 2 in-home sessions for only $90! This gives you the chance to try in-home personal training with one of our experts. We want to ensure that Busy Bee Fitness Experts home personal trainer Toronto is a great fit for your goals and health requirements. For more information, please visit our website and contact us for more information at info@busybeefitness.ca

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