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4 Easy Steps for a Fit Bod!

4 Easy Steps for a Fit Bod!

Ok not the most original or edgy title but we still have some practical tips to make your life a little easier.

It’s so easy to slide and fall back into bad habits with new routines. Do you go to bed at night with big plans on how you’re going to start getting in the best shape of your life? There is always tomorrow, right? The hardest part of getting or staying fit is keeping a routine so we’ve come up with a few tips to ease into and hold yourself accountable to one.

The thing we encounter the most as personal trainers are people trying to lose weight.  Perhaps you spend hours researching about the latest trends and the fastest way to get in shape and become completely overwhelmed by it all.  It’s also frustrating if you’re not seeing results as fast as you’d like.

The truth is there are countless of ways to exercise and eat healthy. The good news is that all effective fitness programs contain the same core elements as outlined below:

Step 1: Set realistic goals

Face it, you’re not going to lose 10 pounds in a week or a month in a healthy way that will look good.  That’s just not an attainable goal! Beware of any personal trainers or fitness routines that make these claims. People who achieve the most amazing body transformations do so by reaching a series of progressive, attainable goals. Baby steps is key!

Give it some time before you make adjustments or give up altogether! Wait no, never give up!

Step 2: Make it convenient

We get it, you’re busy! Why not have the workout come to you? Most condos have amazing gyms now and it’s so easy to set up a little space in your home to have some equipment. Depending on your goals, you may not even need any equipment. Bodyweight exercises can be very effective in many ways. Or simply just buy some $10 bands which you can easily store in your closet. Of course, I could insert an easy plug about Busy Bee Fitness Experts here but I’ll save that for later!

Make exercise part of your routine and make it fun…

Step 3: Find something you love

There are so many things you can do to make exercise fun! Set goals for yourself. Get a partner to workout with and challenge you. Find a sport you love. Not everything you love will be condusive with your goals but that doesn’t mean you should stay away from it. Any sort of movement is better than nothing but also try stepping out of your comfort zone!

Some things we have to offer: in home boxing, yoga, pilates, circuits and partner workouts.

Step 4: (Ahem) Work with a Busy Bee personal trainer

Ah ok, here’s the cheap plug! With enough time and experience, anyone can attain the knowledge they need to achieve their fitness goals. Starting with a personal trainer (see our personal trainers) can get you there that much faster and help keep you safe from getting a serious injury! Working with a trainer is also a great way to to hold yourself accountable to a routine. Like I said, baby steps! Try training once a week, then 2 sessions and maybe even move up to 3 or 4 depending on your fitness level and goals. Give us a call for a free consultation or to try 2 sessions for $90 and see for yourself if in home personal training is the right fit for you!

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