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Fitness Plan Toronto

If you live in Toronto, we all know that working out in the Winter isn’t a piece of cake. You have to trudge through mountains of snow and slush just to get to the gym. That in itself can be quite a workout. Having a great workout and fitness plan at home might be the only way to have some convenience and keep your sanity! Below are a few fundamental exercises to help get you started. Of course, you’ll need a great customized fitness plan based on your goals.

Don’t forget to stretch!

Plank– On forearms and toes. Make sure you are positioned in a straight line with hips slightly elevated. Flex your abs and bring forearms further in front of you to increase difficulty. Find out how to plank here.


Pushup– Hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart. When performing the exercise on your knees, make sure that your hips are down and your back is straight and not rounded. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to achieve a full range of motion just yet, you will be able to bring the pushup deeper over time.

Seated rows- Wrap a resistance band around your feet with legs extended or around a solid piece of furniture. Keep your back and torso completely straight. Extend your arms, keep your chest and head up and pull the resistance band toward your lower waist, only flexing the shoulder blades as you complete the movement.

Squat- Feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep feet firmly planted and spine neutral. Focus on keeping the core tight and head and chest up.


Russian Twists- Can keep feet planted on ground or elevated for more difficulty. Spine neutral, twisting side to side with or without a ball.

Mountain Climbers- Plank position on hands, spine neutral. Walking or running in place.


Hip Bridges- Keep your heels close to your thighs, shoulder width apart. Lift your hips up, pushing off both legs or one leg to increase difficulty, flexing your glutes at the peak.

fitness plan

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Plan Toronto”

  1. Hi Scott saw an add in the Annex news that you will do 2 home visits for 90 dollars

    did I get that right ?

    I live in the Annex I am elderly do you work with old people ? your pics are of young people I am reasonably fit at the moment and need strength training and balance training .

    What is your background in fitness education?


    1. Hi Ann,

      That’s correct, it’s 2 in-home personal training sessions for $90. We work with people of all ages and fitness levels. Our main focus is on strength and flexibility training. Typically, we start with a free phone consultation that takes approx. 15-20 minutes. Do you have some time this week to go over it?

      Blog posts – RATES.

      Thank you,


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