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When You Need a Fitness Partner

Happy New Year and holidays to all you busy bees out there! 2019 is nearly upon us and it’s time to get back in the swing of things. So, chances are you’ve taken your foot off the gas pedal a little bit. It’s perfectly fine to indulge over the holidays but it’s also a great time to get organized and prioritize changes you’d like to make for the New Year. I always recommend that my clients start by setting a higher goal for themselves and then aim at smaller realistic incremental goals. Compare yourself today to who you were yesterday. We get that not everyone wants to be a gym rat or a booty boss but these principles can be applied to all areas of your life. If you’re not making progress in your life, then take responsibility for the little things that make up the majority of your day and find ways to improve on them. One of the best ways to stay motivated, is to have a workout partner by your side, whether it’s your spouse, friend, family member, or a personal trainer. There are many benefits for having a workout buddy.

It’s Harder Letting Your Partner Down

No one likes to workout once they’ve hit the couch after work. It can be a hell of thing trying to get back up! If you’re a rather agreeable person like myself, then you’ve probably come to understand that it’s easy to let others off the hook for letting you down, but not to let yourself off the hook for letting others down. That person is counting on you and vice-versa. It’s a matter of mutual respect, so make sure to choose someone that respects your time as much as you do theirs. After a few weeks of sticking to a fitness routine, then it becomes much easier. There’s also the old adage with couples training – couples who workout together stay together.

It’s Way More Fun For Some People

Let’s face it – not everyone loves doing squats and hitting up the bench press. People often rail on the social scene at the gym but it can be an important motivating factor for some. With Busy Bee Fitness Experts, especially with newcomers, we find that clients are more likely to stick to a routine when it’s fun and at least moderately challenging. Partner exercises and controlled socializing between sets can be a great motivating factor in the beginning.

You’ll Want To Bring Your “A Game”

Again, this comes to not letting your partner down. No one wants to be the wimp on the block. I’ve noticed that most clients are willing to get those extra repetitions off if they are doing partner exercises. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy competition to push yourself a little harder.

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Couples training is fun and effective!


It Makes Personal Training More Affordable

Let’s face it – getting a personal trainer isn’t cheap! However, it becomes affordable when you get to split those costs with someone else. For instance, with Busy Bee Fitness Experts, our sessions cap out to a maximum of $100 per session. For those of you who are as mathematically challenged as I am – if you have a group of 5 of you, then that’s only $20 each! With only 5 people training, the trainer should be able to reasonably pay proper attention to each of you and make sure that you’re doing the exercises correctly.

Most importantly, just have fun and enjoy the little things to stay more active. Get outside, get walking, skating – it’s the little things that make all the difference. May the New Year bring you health, new challenges, and important life lessons. Follow us on the Busy Bee Fitness Experts website or on Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ for tips and promotions.

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