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How To Find the Right Trainer

Owner and fitness instructor, Scott, knows a thing or two about fitness, being the owner of Busy Bee Fitness Experts and personal trainer Etobicoke. He’s experienced and heavily focused in the industry and has been involved in it in some capacity for nearly 15 years. The most common thing he says, are clients who are looking to lose weight, tone up and look their best. “Sometimes people tip-toe around the subject and sort of act like it’s about something more than how they look, but in the majority of cases it’s not. They fear that it will make them look shallow or insecure – it’s perfectly normal to feel that way.”

“Losing weight comes down to one thing in particular”, says Scott. “It’s not about your knowledge base on how to do a proper squat or who sweats the most in the gym, but rather about consistency and discipline. It’s a hard uphill battle if you lack consistency and the drive from you’ll need to work towards in loving the fitness routine. To put it simply – it’s all about routine. As with anything, the more you repeat something, the easier it becomes. You might be able to lose some weight initially, but you won’t get anywhere long-term. That’s where finding the right personal trainer comes in.

There are many different factors that go into finding a good personal trainer based on your goals, but the main one should be in finding someone who can help you stay motivated. It’s hard enough keeping yourself motivated so how do you expect to get anywhere if your personal trainer can’t even push you in the right direction.

These are of a few traits you’ll want to look out for:

  • Motivational (brings out the best in you)
  • Knowledgeable
  • Personable (communicate well and are friendly)
  • Professional
  • Dependable
  • Someone who is fit (leads by example)

Find a good Personal Trainer in Toronto


What to ask. Go running in the other direction if your trainer tries to sell you products. That’s about as used-car salesman as you can get in the industry. They shouldn’t be trying to sell you anything apart from the fitness services that you signed up for. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for their credentials. Are they certified? Do they have any references? Are the insured (very important)? Do they have CPR certification? These are all important things you’ll want to find out before you begin training.


How much should you pay for their services? If someone charges upwards of a hundred dollars then that’s going a little steep – they better have golden credentials for that price. We aren’t doctors here, are we! There are plenty of fitness professionals that are reasonably priced without an insane price tag. You don’t need a someone with a  kinesiologist degree to help get you results. Even someone with a Canfitpro certification can be enough to help you kick off a good fitness routine.

If you’re having a difficult time finding someone (ahem, Busy Bee plug) then simply look up personal trainers on Google. Kijiji and other sites have plenty of amateur trainers, but there are some gems in the rough as well that specialize in weight-loss. Whatever you do, don’t go looking for the best-looking personal trainer. That’s for another day and another blog post! Tisk tisk.

Scott Everson – Owner and Personal Trainer for Busy Bee Fitness Experts located in Toronto. View our website for more information on Busy Bee Fitness and contact us for more information. Follow our social media pages for more fitness tips and promotions.

Article published on MLA Guide to Health.

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