The Easter Bunny diet revealed

The Easter Bunny likes his jumping jacks! Easter is a time in indulgence, from turkey dinner to an abundance of chocolate desserts. However, the good old Easter rabbit has changed his ways and evolved with the times to a heart-healthier Easter diet. Here are a few adjustments that you can make to your diet over this holiday that you can feel good about.

He has switched from Nesquik to a nutrient and antioxidant-dense protein smoothie. It’s a great way to start the morning and will provide you with the fiber you need to help reduce morning cravings. Feel free to throw in some whey protein to help you build some extra metabolism-boosting lean muscle.

Try this: 200ML of coconut water, half a cup of non-flavored greek yogurt, a handful of kale, spinach and one to half an apple depending on taste.

Easter diet.He’s ditched the cream eggs and realized the benefits of real eggs. They are the highest source of protein second to whey with 6 grams each and the yolks are also vitamin and mineral dense.

Egg yolks raising blood cholesterol levels has been largely dismissed as a myth in recent scientific studies. Yolks provide a good source of calcium and phosphorus and contain all the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

easter diet.

The Easter Bunny doesn’t like eating other bunnies but if he did he would stick to dark chocolate. It’s one of the richest foods in antioxidants including polyphenols which are purported to help prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Be wary though as most chocolate is filled with some not so healthy additives. Most sources of chocolate contain palm oil derivatives – a known carcinogen. As the doctors say, everything in moderation!

easter diet.Of course we had to throw a cute honey bee in there to end this article on a hive note. OK, lame dad jokes aside, honey is a great alternative way to sweeten your foods and beverages with a small dose of antioxidants to boot. If you’ve been hopping around too much this Easter or have fallen over with food coma, honey is also proven to heal wounds with it’s antibacterial properties. In combination with vitamin c, it’s a powerful natural wound healing remedy.

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