Couples personal training Toronto.

Couples Personal Training Toronto

Couples Personal Training Toronto


Couples that train together, stay together! In-home semi-private personal training with a Busy Bee Fitness Experts personal trainer is a great option for couples that just don’t have much extra time. Looking for a great holiday gift that both you and your loved ones will benefit from? We offer couples personal training Toronto and the GTA for just a little bit extra. We try to make it as simple as possible for our busy clients.  Just add $20 per session for every person added to the sessions – with a max of $100 per session for up to 10 people. You can view our personal training rates under our packages.  If you’re a group with more than 10 people, then contact us for special group rates.

Getting personal training for couples can have some major advantages over doing it alone. Here are some, just to list a few:

  1. Holding each other accountable to a fitness routine. Aim to pick a partner that is as serious about reaching their goals as you are. Maintaining discipline is essential with any workout program.
  2. Receiving extra support during the sessions.
  3. As we said earlier, couples that workout together stay together! It’s also great bonding time with your friends and family!
  4. Promoting health and wellness in your household, also a healthy influence on your children. Young children love participating in fun activities with their parents.
  5. Encourage friendly competition and a fun way to challenge each other.
  6. A great way to save money by not spending on gym memberships. We don’t have any penalties for canceling or bind you to long-term contracts.
  7. A major time saver for you and the family. Think about how much time you spend around going to the gym, rather than having a personal trainer come right to your door. You can use that extra time to prepare healthy meals, some much-needed laundry, and other chores around your home.

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So why spend the winter months fighting your way through our winter wonderland to make it to the gym? Save your money and time by trying in-home personal training with Busy Bee Fitness Experts. Also, save time with our meal planning which comes included with all of our personal training packages – with as low as a 10 session purchase.

Get started on making a change by contacting us today for your free consultation with an expert. Try two sessions with one of our fitness professionals for $90.

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