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Healthy Companies Are Made Of Healthy Employees

We strongly believe that healthy companies are made up of healthy employees. Corporate fitness training in Toronto has never been as easy or as fun as with the Busy Bee Fitness Experts. An effective corporate wellness program is an excellent way for employers to reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, and improve the engagement and overall well-being of staff members and their families. Our certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors provide our clientele with a rewarding experience for people of all different fitness abilities. Classes include a good mix of full-body resistance strength and weight training, aerobic cardio classes, corporate boot camp style programs, partner activities, and flexibility and mindfulness training. We provide flexibility for our corporate fitness training programs. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to adapt in any workplace environment for early morning, lunch hour, or after-hours training for staff.

Large spaces and equipment are not necessary. Our corporate fitness training classes can be done from anywhere, whether it be an office gym, a nearby park, or a participating gym space. We bring our own lightweight equipment to the sessions when necessary. Most exercises are performed using body weight and different types of resistance bands. The safety of participants is our absolute priority and we are strongly committed to providing safe and effective workouts for everyone involved. We have no-hassle pricing for all of our group fitness training with an affordable and convenient fixed rate of $100 per session. Whether 5 or 100 people attend, no matter the size, we maintain a flat fee without any penalties.

Also included with our training, we provide additional complementary resources that are made available for dietary guidelines, stress reduction, and techniques to form positive lifestyle habits for long-term wellness. Lunch and learns are also available upon request and a customized presentation will be provided by our registered nutritionist.

corporate fitness training Toronto.


Why corporate wellness is more important than ever

As technology has evolved in the workplace, it has led us to a more sedentary lifestyle with poor posture alignment, the adoption of unhealthy dietary habits, and poor lifestyle choices. When we actually think about what needs to take place, it seems fairly straightforward. However, our priorities shift and our health ends up at the back of the line to convenience. Most of us lack the energy and motivation now to come home after a long day at work or sitting at a desk to go to the gym afterward. It’s become too easy to get some take-out, immerse ourselves in home entertainment and tell ourselves that there’s always tomorrow.  It’s always easier said than done to take care of ourselves the way we would our loved ones, especially when it comes to achieving any weight loss program.

The biggest workplace challenges lie in knowledge, efficiency, execution, and surrounding ourselves in work and home environments that support healthy lifestyle habits. Behavior modification takes time and is different from person to person. The best approach is when reinforced consistently with different engaging programs, interactive staff events, strong leadership, and an unwavering commitment to your mental and physical well-being and those around you. I challenge both the employers and the employees to think differently about wellness and what it means to them. If the end goal is healthier employees, then both parties need to be involved to share this common vision.

For more information on our corporate fitness training in Toronto, please contact the Busy Bee Fitness Experts.

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