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Burning Fat, Root Cause

Burning Fat, Root Cause

Knowing how to exercise properly and a diet conducive to burning fat and losing weight is always important. It is part of the solution but it does not address the root cause of the problem. Our defense mechanisms tend to run high when it comes to how we put on the extra pounds in the first place. Often we will list an injury or being busy as possible causes. What we really need to focus on is altering our line of thinking. If you think like a person who weighs 200 pounds then you will live like a person that weighs 200 pounds. People with this line of thinking will often think of exercise or refraining from unhealthy foods as torture.

How do we change our negative thoughts on fitness and nutrition into positive ones? Well, for one thing, we can practice Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This method of training your mind is a constant repetition of changing negative beliefs into positive ones. Humans learn through repetition.

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Try This…

Let’s try a simple exercise. Start by listing 5 negative habits and your positive/negative feelings around those habits. What can you tell yourself to refrain from indulging those negative habits? Write your answer on a cue card and carry it around with you. Every time your mind switches to this negative belief, pull out your cue card and read it. Over the course of weeks or months, this will alter your perception of that idea.

Getting to the very root of the problem is where we need to look and only you can solve it. We will help you implement CBT into your daily life for real permanent change.[/fusion_text]

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