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  • Busy Bee Fitness Experts are the leading fitness professionals in Toronto for in-home personal training.

    Our experienced personal trainers take a highly personalized and holistic approach to help you become successful in reaching your goals. Each of them are certified with backgrounds in Kinesiology or Fitness and Health Promotion. Personal training packages include working one on one with our registered Nutritionist, plans for exercises and recovery on your own time, and full support outside of your sessions. Our services are offered at an affordable cost for everyone. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s get started on making a lasting change!


  • We are committed to helping you lead a healthy lifestyle! Our personal trainers don’t just show you how to exercise, we work with you step by step to achieve an effective and attainable fitness plan. We also provide you with full support outside of your training sessions to ensure the best possible results. We will train you at your desired location, whether it be: your home, condo gym, a partnered gym, an outdoor location or your office.

  • You are provided with a customized program to follow.

  • Packages also include customized meal planning with our Nutritionist.

  • Male and female personal trainer Toronto specialists available.

  • Train people of all fitness levels, including those with limited mobility.

  • We work around your busy schedule. Available 7 days a week!

  • No costly gym memberships, penalties, and hidden fees.

  • You can add a partner for only $20 per session.

  • Specialty training- boxing, yoga, mindfulness, and prenatal fitness!

  • Try us out!

Two Session Sale

45 per Session
  • Includes free fitness consultation!


I started training with Busy Bee Fitness Experts because I wanted to gain strength and lose weight without having to join a gym. I have a harder time staying motivated so having a trainer come to my home is really helpful. My whole experience with my personal trainer, Mira, and working with the Nutritionist has been fantastic. I like that they always keep my workouts fun and challenging. It's been such a positive experience and I highly recommend!

Personal Training Client

I have to rave a little about my experience working with Zeena these last few months. As a busy mom, it has been a huge transition into a more active committed and accountable lifestyle. Zeena has been devoted to my progress and has helped me physically and mentally improve my life. She customized my goals, reminded me of why I started my journey, and together I feel we have motivated each other. All while, I get to be in the comfort of my own home and backyard with my son. She has incorporated him into our workouts and set us on an upward path to success, Thank you so much Zeena and Busy Bee Fitness Experts for being just what I needed to get my GROOVE back!

Personal Training Client

I hired Busy Bee to shed a bit of weight and to help with my overall health. I’ve noticed quite a big difference over just a few weeks and feel more energetic than I have in quite some time. I also like that working with a Nutritionist is included in the package and my personal trainer spends extra time with me to make sure I’m doing the right things in my own time as well.


My husband and I have a personal trainer that comes in twice a week. He always keeps the workouts fun and energetic. The partner exercises also make the workouts more challenging. There is a big difference in the type of support we receive from him compared to other trainers.

Personal Training Client

I’ve done a lot of different fitness classes in the past and I find this boot camp has a perfect mix of cardio and resistance training. The instructor is so interactive and quick to correct your form and make sure you are working up to your full potential. I’ve attended this class for just over a month and have noticed a huge difference in my physique, mood and energy level. I would highly recommend this boot camp if you are also up for a challenge!

Group Fitness Member

Busy Bee Fitness has really helped me with my athletic performance and ability. I play soccer and needed specific training. The program is easy and fun. Thank you for all your help.

Personal Training Client

Scott adapted workouts to what my husband and I preferred and was easy to work with. Jesse and Natasha had some awesome recipes that we make almost every week. Highly recommended.


Highly recommend Busy Bee – so flexible for individuals who have unpredictable schedules; Jesse is absolutely amazing. Really supportive – can’t say enough about how knowledgeable she is. Recipes are also fantastic.

Personal Training Client

Learned lots of great fitness tips from Scott, and I love the fact that nutrition is incorporated into the sessions. Highly recommend for people that are willing to commit to a program.

Personal Training Client


  • An individualized holistic approach ensures the best results. One that covers many aspects of fitness, motivation, and nutrition. Leading a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to compromise your well being.

    Scott | Owner & Personal Trainer


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    +1 (647) 403 5222

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